Live Swing Trading Masterclass With Paul

Learn Cutting-Edge Swing Trading Strategies That Will Dominate Any market Condition

Here's what you get:

Learn everything you need to know to dominate the current and any future market environments, and equip yourself with Paul's elite proven swing trading strategies and patterns used by thousands of students for 16+ years.

  • Interactive Live Classes: The first class kicks off Monday, April 8th  and will be fully live and interactive!
  • Live Open Q&A: Ask any questions that you may have in real-time directly to Paul during the classes.
  • Dominate Every Market Condition: Paul has traded many different types of market climates & will show you how too.
  • Learn Elite Swing Trading Strategies: Break down all of Paul's top Swing  trading setups and patterns.
  • Lifetime Recording Access: Missed a class or want to review one? No problem! You will have lifetime access to recordings!

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Learn Strategies You Need NOW To Dominate The Market!

About The Live Masterclass

We are moving into Summer 2024, and if you don't have the right strategies that Paul knows and has been successfully using for decades to crush the markets, you are going to miss out on a TON of opportunities to capture crazy moves in the market. This live Swing Trading Masterclass series is designed to give you everything you need to dominate the 2024 markets and beyond!

  • Lifetime Access To Recordings
  • Live Open Q&A
  • ​Take Advantage of the FED Cycle Now
  • ​Learn To Trade Through All Market Environments
  • Learn Interest Rate Strategies You Need ASAP
  • Discover Paul's Top Strategies & Patterns
  • Interactive Live Classes

Live Class Schedule

  • Monday, April 8th
  • ​Tuesday, April 9th
  • ​Wednesday, April 10th
  • ​Plus a Full Bonus Q&A Class! (Date TBA)​​

Masterclass Outline

  • ​History of the stock market in high inflation, rate hike environments
  • ​Paul's Top Strategies for ANY Market Environment
  • ​Paul's Best Strategies To Always Keep in Your Back Pocket
  • History of Fed once rate hikes are halted and cuts begin
  • ​Key actionable swing setups to trade during these periods
  • How to use technical analysis like a pro to trade the FED cycles
  • ​Paul's top patterns crushing the market NOW
  • ​Paul's top patterns for crushing the market the rest of 2024 into the election
  • Key industries to trade during these periods
  • ​Simple options strategies to increase gains
  • A day trading strategy for Fed days during these periods
  • Focus on the fact that we are likely entering a period of rate cuts
  • How to read and understand Fed day decisions and commentary
  • ​And much more...

Here is what is included in the bundle broken down into more detail.

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© 2023 Bulls on Wall Street - All rights reserved